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The Heart Unstructured

Author: Dale Lloyd

Discover love and romance.

The Heart Unstructured can be described as a love story, a romance… but it infinitely transcends that genre. The book itself is an allegory, and the author, as a master of metaphor, paints a vivid picture of the tragic truth of mere religion, and the way it compels its adherents to conform to its rituals and rigidity while silencing the voice of the heart, which longs for authentic, dynamic relational connection with the Creator and the whole of creation.

In our zeal to be “right,” we so often sacrifice the mystery and deep wonder of relational intimacy for which we are designed.

This is the conflict the two main characters in the book find themselves in as expressed in the following excerpt from the book:

‘Standing on the steps of our respective religious cultures each Sunday morning and fixing our gaze upon one another just across the narrow street, our hearts could not accept that I could love God as a Roman Catholic and she could love God as a Baptist, but we could never love each other.’

After reading all of Dale Lloyd’s books, I expected The Heart Unstructured to be a book that would challenge my thinking and hold my interest from the first page to the last. I was not disappointed. The author weaves a story of intrigue and romance. The humanity of each character becomes real as you enjoy the art and delight in the unfolding of a great story.

I pondered the deep, almost hidden message to the reader. The characters come alive in their burning passion and fierce determination to think and live beyond deeply ingrained structures of thought based upon family and religious cultures.

Most readers will find their own personal story in this amazing story of The Heart Unstructured.

– Claire

Kingston ON